home. everyone should compost.

Or at least make an effort. I tried to do this in Seattle but getting a pail, refilling bags, finding a bin to throw it in (we lived in an apartment, compost bin always seemed to make its way back to a different spot).

Since moving here, we have been composting beasts. Only because the city supplies you with a free pail and bags. Genius! If you want your community to compost make it easy for them. Duh.

If you're contemplating composting, here's are a few links with more info:
Do it. Compost. Your garbage bill will thank you.

halloween. boo.

Happy Halloween!! I've been told Halloween isn't big in Australia...hopefully I can change their minds. Or at least our neighbours...or I've successfully made them think I'm nuts. #CrazyAmericanlivesinourhood

I was on a limited budget (thanks, Nate) so I set up priorities on what I was going to buy. Candy was first, that was half the budget. Even if my decorations sucked we would be known as the house that gave the most candy. I followed up with fake spider webs, glitter painted skeleton hands, and signs. You're suppose to have signs if you're "Halloween friendly". I wanted to be sure the kids knew we were so I doubled up on those.

found. at the beach.

*Update from Tumblr* This is apparently squid eggs. Thanks,  theimperiouspisces!

What the hell is this? Jelly fish? Squid?

Guess it and the answer that sounds the most convincing doesn't get this thing thrown at them.

food. your name shall be lucy.

We had one exciting weekend trip to Melbourne to pick up my new KitchenAid mixer, errr...Duke. We just so happened to pick up my new KitchenAid mixer the weekend we pick up Duke (Duke will be a post, hopefully soon).

Lucy was a gift from Nate. I recently turned 30 and this year will be the year I conquer baking...maybe. Or at least attempt to. Anyway, I was told I had to name her - she's bright red and I'm sure will help me have some laughs in the kitchen. I'm learning how to bake. Bake for real, not from a box. We'll see how this goes.

First recipe was a success! I went with cupcakes. They were for a get-together. I figured if I totally screwed them up, I could whip up a batch from a box (plan b). Always thinking ahead.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake III from Allrecipes.com

food. chicken satay burgers.

I forgot about this amazing recipe from foodwishes.com. Now that we are getting back into the swing of things, I'm back to making weekly menus. I do miss being able to order groceries from AmazonFresh but I don't mind going to the local Foodland* to pick up what we need. Since I don't know where everything is in the store, it's always about an hour trip to pick up 4 things. Yesterday we asked for quinoa and had the whole store on a hunt for it. Where was it? In the cereal aisle.

Chicken Satay Burgers from FoodWishes.com

social media. pinterest adds website verification.

If you're a brand on Pinterest - big yeah! Check out how to have a fun little check mark by your name on Pinterest.

found. at the beach.

Crazy and not so crazy stuff seen on the beach. This will most likely be a series. If you don't like the beach or looking at cool stuff, read about my garden.

duke. loves the beach, hates the ocean.

First post on the iPhone app.

We took Duke to the beach for his daily walk and made him go in the water. No dice on him jumping for joy. Check out his Grinch feet.

Even though he's quietly sitting next to me as I write this, I think he's still pissed at as. Hopefully he doesn't pee on the side of the bed tonight.

Feel free to follow him on Twitter, @dukeinaustralia. I'll tell him to follow you back.

garden. we have plants.

I wouldn't consider myself an "expert" gardener but I have been able to grow a green thumb over the past few years. Living in Seattle, I did a lot of container gardening. I'm going to try to do the same here (in South Australia. Oh, we moved if you didn't know. Sorry if I didn't mention it). Started out with three easy plants and one that has always been touch and go.

Week 1 photos:

Basil from seeds.
I saw this article on using eggshells as seedling planters from a Real Simple magazine. I thought I'd try it. Didn't have the patience for the seeds to grow out of the eggshells so I put them straight into my makeshift containers.

 Mint, rosemary, cherry tomatoes from starts.

welcome. again.

Yes. I've started another blogging project. This one is going to be more than wine and food (and more wine). Don't get me wrong, there will be food and wine posts. I plan on doing most of the posts "on the go" w/the blogger iPhone app - festivals, restaurants, social media events, life in Australia. We'll see how it goes.

Also, I'm looking for a blog name. Have something witty I can borrow? Let me know.